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Radiant Heart ™ Siberian Purple Earrings in Sterling Silver

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Earrings from the Paul Jensen Signature collection. The Radiant Heart™ crystal cut is a unique evolutionary tool to assist in expanding the ability to hold and create unconditional love so that we may crystallize the wisdom of the one heart that unites all life in love.  Attunes the wearer to the vibration of unconditional love and the next step we may take to claim this more fully in our lives.

The stones are 10mm 3.7carat set in sterling silver and come in a black velvet gift box. Also included is the Marcel Vogel technique for clearing and programming the crystals for your intended use.

Pendant and earring set available for $150.  Click here for the set.

Siberian Purple Quartz is lab grown in Russia. Lab quartz is a process that mimics how crystals are formed in nature using a natural clear quartz seed in a controlled autoclave environment. The Siberian Purple quartz is thought to help us transform blocked energy and balance emotions. 

Made in the USA